Anything but Ordinary.

Dowel Jones was founded by Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman in 2014 after graduating from university together. Over the past 8 years, founders Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman have grown the company from a small furniture studio helping to furnish local cafes, to producing furniture, lighting and accessories now found in homes and interiors all across the world.

In the past 9 years, Dowel Jones have won numerous awards for pieces both nationally and internationally. Although Dowel Jones appear to be a furniture and lighting company, we also work on self-initiated pieces that explore concepts further in depth (such as a tattooed cabinet called Venena Arca and National Gallery of Victoria acquired bench Never Grow Up), and also regularly organise events to support the local community of designers in Australia. 

Dowel Jones work with a large network of Australian and international manufacturers to produce products of as high quality as possible. Where possible, Dowel Jones produce within Australia in local areas to our factory in Geelong: our steel fabrication and upholstery is in Melbourne, and our timber factory and powder coating takes place around the corner from our Geelong factory.

In 2018 Dowel Jones began collaborating with designers outside the company to provide new visions on what Dowel Jones pieces could be, launching the Sister Collection with New York based 3D artist Tom Hancocks. In 2021, Dowel Jones launched a second international collaboration the Volta Collection with Argentinian studio RIES. In 2022 saw the launch of our first collection designed by an Australian based designer, CJ Anderson with the Big Friendly Collection

In the past year, Dowel Jones has begun producing limited edition collections in collaboration with artists and designers. In our first collection with Claire Mueller of ACID FLWRS, 20 Foldy Tables were finished in ACID FLWRS distinctive surface treatment, with the entire Fantasy Foldy Collection selling out in one day. In our second collaboration, we collaborated with Ethiopian-Norwegian artist Olana Janfa on an 8 piece furniture collection called Dancing Under The Water, all made from factory off-cuts, hand painted in Janfa's signature style.

In 2018 we furthered the availabilities of Dowel Jones products globally by partnering with well respected family-owned American manufacturer Grand Rapids Chair Company. This allows for select products to be available in the US while being locally made.

We are designers first and foremost, so we are always seeking new collaborations across the globe to further what Dowel Jones is.

Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman

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