As you might know we’re not an ordinary design brand. Since posting on social media about the potential to run a series of mentor programs in June, we’ve received quite a few emails asking about this. 

To continue our support during COVID-19, we are proud to announce ONE-ON-ONE, a fortnightly video chat one-on-one with one of you (or more than one if applicable), and one of our directors. Enter your details through the submission form, and we’ll select a different individual or studio once a fortnight at random. Use the time to ask us about anything about your work and practice, or ask us about what to cook for lunch - the time is yours.

Australian creatives are preferred (as we have the greatest field of knowledge in Australia), and/or early-career creatives.

Please note all sessions will take place via video chat, and a suitable time and date will be discussed to suit both parties.

If you have any questions about ONE-ON-ONE, please e-mail

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