June, 2018 | DEN Fair

Replaced (American Hardwoods Export Council)
Anne-Claire Petre, Adam Goodrum, Adam Markowitz, Coco Reynolds, Dowel Jones, Jon Goulder, Ross Gardam and Tom Skeehan all contributed Replaced, taking one of their most well-loved pieces and making it in tulipwood. Tulipwood is used frequently in Europe but is, so far, little-known in Australia. A unique American hardwood species, it is favoured for its lightness, straight grain and range of colour from blonde to brown – at times even purple and green. While it is an easy timber to work with from a woodworking perspective, it proved a challenge from a design viewpoint as its natural variations in colour are very different for the Australian preference for uniform timber.

A major benefit of tulipwood is that the US hardwood forests have been sustainably managed for generations, and growth far outstrips harvest. American tulipwood is, in fact, one of the most prolific hardwoods, and in the US net volume (after harvest) is increasing by 19.7 million cubic metres a year. As part of the Denfair installation Replaced, the timber used, energy input and waste produced was meticulously recorded. The designers kept waste to a minimum by working with the natural variation in colour, and the lightness of the timber reduced energy in the export from the US to Australia. The data collected enabled AHEC to measure the exact Life Cycle environmental impact of every design in the collection. Calculations based on this data have shown that the tulipwood used in the collection would be replaced in the forest in less than one second.

Photo: E3 Media