Geelong Weaving Mill and Dowel Jones for Geelong Gallery

Geelong Weaving Mill and Dowel Jones for Geelong Gallery

For Geelong Design Week, we collaborated with Geelong Weaving Mill to present 5 unique chairs that speak about Geelong's long history of manufacturing. Exhibited within the Geelong Gallery, the collaboration is a result of one of the city's oldest manufacturers, and one of it's newest.

In the series of new works, we applied the traditionally crafted materials from Geelong Weaving Mill (GWM) to our Sister Chair designed by Tom Hancocks. The collaboration acknowledges the important history of wool and textiles within the region—that GWM has been part of for almost a century—and contemporary designers working at the forefront of the city’s UNESCO City of Design designation.

Visitors were encouraged to experience the works by sitting on these distinct chairs in the Gallery setting.

To see how to purchase a Geelong Weaving Mill Sister Chair, please click here.

Photography by Cricket Studio



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